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The Deià Archaeological Museum and Research Centre

Open 17:00-19:00
Sunday - Tuesday - Thursday.

Es Clot, 07179 Deià
tel: 971 639001 - fax: 971 639152

This small, but fascinating museum was founded in 1962 by Dr. William H. Waldren, and is remarkable, not only for it's archaelogical collection, as well as for it's design.

The museum is housed in a converted mill, one of the oldest buildings in the medieval village of Deià (or Deya).

It has been renovated in a way that somehow gives the feeling of the caves where so many of the exhibits were found, while also conveying a sense of spaciousness and light.

Interior detail

Interior detail

Bronze Sword and Beaker Ware

Bronze Sword and Beaker Ware

All in all this delightful museum is well worth a visit, just go to Deià, and from the centre of town head downhill, you can't miss it.

While you are in Deià take the time for a stroll, the village is charming.

For more detailed archaelogical information visit Dr. Waldren's website.
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