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The dance,

the dress,

and the festival

Aires Sollerics - el ball

The group 'Aires Sollerics' was formed in 1969 with the main objective being the popularisation of the traditional folk dances, always respecting their origins and being one of the main protagonists of the bolero school of the XVIII C., especially when it comes to the passing of this legacy to new generations.

Aires Sollerics aspire to diffuse the local folklore in two ways:
By participating in folklore festivals all over the world, in France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Portugal, Mainland Spain and Japan.
By being open to new tendencies concerning the popularisation of dance, encouraging people to become involved.

Aires Sollerics During their existence, the group have also devoted their attention to the apparel, being the Mallorcan pioneers of the preservation of traditional wear, reversing the weakening that this part of the local culture has suffered over so many years. To accomplish the dignity that the traditional dress deserves, Aires Sollerics have held several workshops of traditional tailoring methods.

Within this line of the defence of local culture, it is important to mention the work that Aires Sollerics have put into the recuperation of the popular 'fiestas' and those elements that define them; the demons, Saint Anthony, the pipers, etc.

Aires Sollerics
Aires Sollerics

Aires Sollerics is the founding group of 'Sa Mostra', Sóller's annual folklore festival that has taken place in the second half of July since 1980, uniting and exchanging experience with six or seven different groups from all over the world.

Aires Sollerics - els músics Here you can download free of charge an mp3 file containing the song Sant Antoni from the CD 'Una Teringa' by the Aires Sollerics.

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